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Doris Lessenden, Community Columnist
Published Monday, March 6, 2017
Doris Lessenden
by Doris Lessenden

"It is our privilege to give everything we have to the One who gave us everything on the cross" Tim Gustafson on thoughts on Romans 12:1.

The excitement last week-end is that the Lady Eagle played Basketball in the CHSAA Regional games at the La Junta high school where the seasoned KLMR radio announcer, Ethan Denton, said the gym was more "packed" than he ever had seen it. An Eads man stated that there was wonderment about how the Lady Eagles would do because their second game was against seeded number 2, the Kim-Branson team, and Eads was the 8th seeded team. But Eads won that game after winning over the Holly team so they will be playing in the Colorado State Finals in Loveland this week. Congratulations to the Eads Eagle team and their coaches, Mr. Trey Eder and Mr. Justin McLoud. The Kit Carson Boys and Kit Carson Girls also have berths in the state finals along with the Cheyenne Wells boys and Holly boys and South Baca girls team all from our Region 3.

The staff at Prairie Pines hosted a festive Mardi Gras dinner party Tuesday for the resident's families and friends. New Administrator Tina W. Kraft and Pam B. Weirich greeted the guests and handed out feather and gold masks, beads, and another caretaker distributed colorful hats. The party-goes sat around pastel clothed tables under accordion lamps and decorations. Board President Mike Lening, greeted the guests and blessed the food; then Chef Christina Wolf and the caretaker staff served big trays of spicy broiled shrimp, potatoes and vegetables with an abundant array of side dishes and desserts brought by some of the guests. Dinner music was Alicia James playing her guitar while she and her mother, Dawn James, sang hit tunes. The next party will be March 16th on the Saint Patrick's theme.

John and Deby Courkamp and granddaughters, Addison and Samantha, attended with the Lenings. The Courkamps recently returned from New Orleans where they attended a huge NAPA marketing convention. They and co-managers, Preston and Kelly Courkamp had a great time and came back with lots of beads, photos, and memories of many parades and great music. 

Some Eads senior citizens surely enjoyed the moist strawberry cake at the Weisbrod Coffee Hour Thursday morning. It reminded me of the strawberry cakes former Eads Educator and Principal, the late Gary Monter, used to bake in the early 1990's.

We didn't think we were so hungry when we went the next hour to the monthly Brunch at the Senior Center, but when we saw all those fruits and warm pastries with the egg-sausage casserole; we enjoyed more food! Wednesday, March 15th will be our monthly pot luck lunch and business meeting. President Loretta Seibel announced that Gail Voss has been appointed to be our new coordinator. Joyce Berry said she is ready to start work just as soon as she returns from Montana from visiting her son, Brett Rusher, and family. If readers like to play cards, do feel welcome to come usually on Monday afternoons and 1:00 p.m. and Thursday evenings. Readers might call Loretta Seibel, Alice Glover, or Madonna Pollreis for more details on dates and times.

The Eads School Track Team will be selling $10.00 tickets for playing Bingo at the Lamar Elks Club on Thursday, March 16th. According to Coach Stephanie Bohlander, the students can earn money just between 6:30 to 7:00 p.m. Therefore, it is important for school supporters to be there at that time, but your money does buy your Bingo Cards for the rest of the evening. If you don't want to go to Lamar, your donation will be a great help. There may be carpooling or a transit bus also. The Team's goal is to help buy pole vaulting equipment and landing mats. Mrs. Bohlander has been coaching at EHS for 11 years and is enthusiastic about having good equipment for our Field and Track athletes.

The P and M and Sons Truck Repair Company owners have been preparing a large parking lot space for laying cement in front of the former Plains Art Gallery. It is interesting to watch the progress of the families there and around Bart Michael's Quonset shop which will have involvement in this new venture. These new businesses are all on Highway 287. The hope is that some of these truckers who pull into Love's Truck stop may do business with them also.

Some people have pondered if the new Love's Store and the Hometown Gas and Grill can both flourish. Will they both economically survive? Well, from my observations they are both doing very well and if you try to find a parking place, sometimes it has been a challenge for me. But that is a GOOD THING! Tuesday I had lunch with Lori Healy of Towner at the Gas and Grill. It was interesting to see the stream of ranchers, farmers, pretty ladies from several offices, truckers too, and families having lunch in their big dining room.

Glaida Craven and I celebrated her 91st birthday by going to the Edi Nordquist-Johnathon Lombardo wedding in Kit Carson. It was a joy to see Josh Gifford with his three children of Colorado Springs and his parents, Larry and Carla Gifford. It was most special to see, the five Nordquist sisters, Carrie Pickett, Lorrie Nyman, Amy Swenson, Julie Zimmerman, and Edi Lombardo, and their brother, John.

I read that Sheri Kerr announced that there will not be a Relay for Life event this year. She has been a major force behind this Cancer fundraiser for 15 years since the death of her son from the dreaded cancer disease.

Through the years many Eads people have taken part in these events either as cancer survivors or caretaker family and friends. I thank Areta Laird for going with me for many years. One of my favorite photos at a Relay is with Ray and Lucille Crow.

Walt Immer served as a Lay Messenger from the Praise Community Church Sunday at Weisbrod. It was good to have Cheryl Wyatt back at the piano and members Debra Immer and Lauren Brown and Mike Arth there to sing.