Best Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

Best Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

Feature Staff

Colorado is known as one of the most eco-friendly states in the U.S. Many Coloradans are switching to renewable energy sources in their daily eating, transportation, and living habits. Traditional energy consumption forces many families to pay unreasonably high electric costs. However, you can consider some of these best ways to lower your electric bill and save money long-term.

Conduct an Energy Audit

Energy audits are great tools for tracking your home’s energy expenditure. Home energy audits provide a thorough assessment of your energy use with a room-by-room examination and evaluation of appliance reliability. Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose between a professional or DIY home energy audit. Professional audits will use high-tech equipment such as blower doors or infrared cameras to identify energy performance. On the other hand, DIY audits are cheaper, but they might not provide detailed feedback.

Install Ceiling and Attic Fans

After your energy audit, you might find that your HVAC system accounts for most of your energy usage. Central air conditioning might seem like a reasonable solution for people who live in arid climates, but it can account for a significant part of their energy bills. Natural air circulation reduces your carbon footprint while saving you money in the process, so consider installing ceiling and attic fans to reduce hot air and your reliance on electric appliances. These circulate air throughout your home so that you don’t depend as much on your AC unit.

Use LED Lightbulbs

Older homes may continue to use incandescent light bulbs in their appliances and light fixtures, but these bulbs are horribly wasteful. LED bulbs have a 90% greater energy-efficiency than incandescent bulbs while emitting 75% less energy. They last significantly longer than traditional bulbs—one LED bulb can last for years—so they’re cheaper long-term energy alternatives. LED light bulbs also contain no mercury, which further lessens their environmental effects compared to CFLs or incandescent bulbs.

Switch to Solar Energy

Ultimately, switching to solar power is the best way to lower your electric bill. Using solar power over traditional electric sources such as coal or natural gas provides homeowners with fax and financial incentives. Fossil fuels can cause electric bills to fluctuate given market differences, but solar power stabilizes these monthly expenses. Federal and state tax incentives also considerably reduce the overall costs of maintenance and installation. Little maintenance is required after the installation, so aside from a monthly connection bill, your monthly utility costs will significantly decrease.