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Dear Dietitian – Thoughts on Thanksgiving

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PICT Leanne McCrate Dear Dietitian
Leanne McCrate, RDN, LD, CNSC

Dear Readers,

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I grew up in a farming community, and by late November, the harvest was complete. Crops that were a year in the making were out of the fields, and relaxation could ensue. The weather had turned to cool, crisp air, and a crackling fire burned in the fireplace on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude. What will you give thanks for this year? Like most families, mine is far from perfect, but I can name several things for which I am deeply grateful to them. One of the most important lessons I learned while growing up is the importance of helping others. My great-grandmother fed the hungry in her home every day. Her door was always open. When my dad died, a social media post read, “This man helped a lot of people that the world had given up on.” What a legacy!

Music is one of my favorite pass times. Recently, I was listening to a song and was struck by the lyrics, “I’ll give when it’s not fair.” I pondered its meaning and came up with this: Most of us have struggled to pay our bills at one time or another. Even during these times, it’s important to help others. My thoughts went to a fundraiser for a twenty-three-year-old young man with cancer. The song lyrics and the fundraiser for “Dan” put things in perspective for me.

Whether volunteering in a soup kitchen, donating to a worthy cause, or opening the door for someone in a wheelchair, helping one another is what makes the world go around. Generosity instills true joy. 

That said, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! If you overindulge in turkey and dressing and pumpkin pie, enjoy! Feasting is part of the holiday.

Until next time, be healthy!

Dear Dietitian

Leanne McCrate, RDN, LD, CNSC, is an award-winning dietitian based in Missouri. Her mission is to educate consumers on sound, scientifically-based nutrition. Do you have a nutrition question? Email her today at Dear Dietitian does not endorse any products, health programs, or diet plans.