Eads Middle School First Quarter 2020-21 Honor Roll

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Published Saturday, October 17, 2020


A Honor Roll (A's Only)

  • Jayson Bletzacker 
  • Savanna Brown 
  • Alyxx Egley 
  • Kennedy Gyurman 
  • Adyn Hough 
  • Anthony Paez 
  • Kinsley Williams

B Honor Roll (A's/B's Only)

  • Gabriel Hadley 
  • Ayden Hose 
  • Weston Mitchek 
  • Bailey Sierra
  • Hailey Trosper 
  • Tucker Wallace


A Honor Roll (A's Only)

  • Sophie Mitchell 
  • Eric Murdock 
  • Lexi Shotton
  • Johnathan Vasquez 
  • Kara Wilson
  • Shaine Winder

B Honor Roll (A's/B's Only)

  • Tailee Johnson 
  • Connor Lynch 
  • Jaden Self


A Honor Roll (A's Only)

  • Zoie Arnold-Kraft 
  • Kadan Dunlap 
  • Koree Ellenberger 
  • Stockton Mitchek 
  • Aaron Musgrave 
  • Case Nelson
  • Colin Nelson 
  • Alessandra Paez

B Honor Roll (A's/B's Only)

  • Kierra Coen 
  • Katherine Trosper 
  • Spencer Uhland

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