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From the Extension Agent’s Desk

Hello everyone!  For those of you that don’t know, my name is Jeramy McNeely and I am the new Kiowa County Extension Agent.  You might remember me from a few years ago when I was the 4-H Agent for both Cheyenne and Kiowa Counties.  After a hiatus of playing music and working on the Jolly Ranch north of Kit Carson, I have landed the opportunity to come back to the world of Extension.  My job title is now 4-H Youth Development/Ag and Natural Resources Agent.  I am also fortunate enough to only cover one county, which is pretty exciting! 

I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting with the commissioners, FCS, NRCS, and even a few of the fellers at the coffee shop to talk about how Extension can be of any help.  So far everyone I have met has been super friendly, and their dedication to the county was immediately apparent.  I look forward to future endeavors with them and other agencies around the county.

We’d like to extend an invitation for anyone to come into the office and see how Extension can serve you.  We have access to an abundance of material, resources, and exciting programming that we can tailor to meet your specific needs.  Our mission is to continue to be a viable resource and we look forward to seeing you in the near future!