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Former Eads Resident P.D. Edwards Celebrates 100 Years

P.D. Edwards of Fowler, Kansas, celebrated his 100th birthday February 4, 2017, in Fowler. He was joined by his son, Bruce and wife Alice Edwards of Shawnee, Kansas, and daughter, Konda and husband Fred Hollandsworth of Meade, Kansas, grandson Brian Hollandsworth of Olatha, Kansas, along with many other family members and friends helped him celebrate.

P.D. was born on February 2, 1917, on the family farm west of Fowler.

Between 1952 and 1982, P.D. his wife Evelyn, and children Bruce and Konda lived in Eads. At the time, P.D. farmed and worked for the county. Evelyn worked at the Cozy Corner Café.

P.D.'s hobbies were hunting, fishing, trapping, arrowhead hunting, sports, coin collecting and he enjoyed long hikes and flying his air coupe air plane.

Every Sunday P.D. enjoys accompanying his daughter Konda and husband Fred to the Christian Church in Fowler.

P.D. is now a resident at the Fowler Residential Care in Fowler, Kansas.