Hit and Run Crashes May Result in Driver License Suspension Under New Law

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Published Thursday, December 28, 2017
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by Chris Sorensen

Starting Monday, drivers leaving the scene of an accident involving serious injury or death will be subject to suspension of their driver license under the provisions of Colorado House Bill 17-1277, which was signed into law earlier this year. 

People involved in a crash have a duty to stop as close as possible to where the crash happened, or immediately return to the scene. They must provide their name, address and the registration number of the vehicle they are driving to the driver or a passenger of the other vehicle in the crash. People should also help anyone injured in the crash, including calling for medical assistance. They are also required to call police with the location of the crash.

Under the new law, the Colorado Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles (CDOR) may suspend the driver license if evidence suggests that a driver failed to stop at the crash scene or immediately return to the scene where serious injury or death occurred. An officer determining that the law was violated will serve a notice of suspension to the driver and confiscate the license. When a license is confiscated, the driver has seven days to request a hearing with CDOR. If a hearing is not requested, the suspension will take effect.

In addition to the driver license suspension, leaving the scene of an accident involving serious bodily injury is a class four felony. Leaving the scene of an accident involving death is a class three felony.

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