Pages from the Past - From our 129 year archive.

Pages from the Past
Published Tuesday, April 12, 2016

From our print archives.


15 yrs


April 20, 2001


Representatives of EagleVision went before the Eads Town Board to solicit the board's intrest in buying the Eads portion of the company's  cable television system.

25 years


April 18, 1991


Farmers Union members were sending their "slice of  bread" with a card that reads "Farmers need a bigger slice!" to their Congressperson.

40 years


April 9, 1976


Jerri Legg scored a convincing victory over incumbent Clyde Crow to become what is believed to be the first female mayor in the history of Eads.


50 years


April 15, 1966


The dry spell, which has covered much of eastern Colorado for several weeks, was broken this week as much of the same area received notable amounts of  rain Monday and Monday night.