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Thoughts, Things, and Trivia by Jack – August 15, 2023

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Jack Johnson

Please take time to pay homage to the family and friends of Judy Hammer who got her wings this past week. Memorial services will take place August 15, 2023. The Wild Horse community will miss her dearly.

Katie’s Korner is open and growing the list of items for sale. A shout out is in order for Katie’s Korner for supplying groceries for the Wednesday meals at the senior center. The restaurant remodeling project is moving ahead despite being faced with delays of availability and delivery of equipment. 

Where did this summer go? Football and volleyball practices have begun, and school starts next week. The Oswald Rocky Mountain Oysters Fry was well attended, good eats and the desserts were plentiful and scrumptious. This summer was not as hot as it was last year, probably because of the moisture accumulated by the smoke of the Canadian wildfires and the Tonga volcano eruption. Of course, the climate change activist, mainstream media and liberals will not comment because it is not in their agenda. 

Last column, I mentioned that Woke/Cancel Culture is aptly defined as a cult. Most people define a cult as a group led by a charismatic self-appointed leader, who exercises total control of all members and requires complete devotion to a set of beliefs. However, there are groups that use divisive and clandestine means to disrupt the lawful activities of society to help the elite maintain power, members of these cults have little comprehension of reasons for their actions and acted on orders given in secrecy. In the past, the groups would operate in a covert manner; Hindi Thugs, Brown Shirts, Ku Klux Klan and vigilantes. Now-a-days, with the breakdown of law and order, total disregard of the Constitution, a two-tier justice and lying is good, these groups are overt in their activities. Woke/Cancel Culture is a cult dedicated to the assassination of the United States and has the support of the mainstream media, liberal democrats and deviant Department of Justice.