Tips for staying warm while camping in the cold

Tips for staying warm while camping in the cold

Feature Staff

Outdoor enthusiasts know that some of the best experiences happen in the cold weather months. Camping during late fall and winter requires some extra gear and knowledge, but your reward is a cozy yet exhilarating experience you’ll never forget. Wander comfortably through a winter wonderland with these tips for staying warm while camping in the cold.

Staying dry is vital

Staying dry is the key to staying warm. This is true of any season, but it’s vital in the winter. Make sure you pack a few moisture-wicking base layers to wear beneath your warm layers. When you return to your campsite after hiking, skiing, or other fun activities, change out of your sweaty clothes into something dry. Moisture can suck out body heat fast, but dry clothes will help you stay warm and insulated in frigid temperatures.

Keep snacking and stay hydrated

It takes a lot of energy to stay warm. Your body burns through calories quickly to generate heat, so make sure you keep giving yourself fuel.

Eating healthy snacks throughout the day will keep your energy levels up. It’s also a good idea to eat meals full of fat and protein for dinner, as these will burn slowly and give you the energy you need to stay warm throughout the night. Finally, stay hydrated to fight off fatigue and stay energized.

Ventilation is key

You might be tempted to seal the tent up tight at night, but this can actually make your nights even colder. Without ventilation, your warm breath will turn into condensation on the inside of the tent. This will freeze in the cold air, essentially turning your cozy tent into a frigid icebox. Even worse, that frost will melt again and make the inside of your tent wet. Remember our first tip about staying dry? Stay dry, warm, and safe by keeping the vents on your tent at least partially open.

Stock up on warm accessories

Experienced campers know that the right gear is essential. This logic applies to cold weather camping, too. One of the most crucial tips for staying warm while camping in the cold is to pack reliable accessories and gear. Start with your clothes. You want a hat to keep your head warm, gloves for your fingers, and waterproof boots to help you trek through the snow.

Hand and feet warmers are also great for protecting your extremities. You might also enjoy a warm water bottle to keep you cozy at night. Just make sure you hold it at your core, where it will heat the blood that circulates through your body and warm you up more efficiently.