Kiowa County

Kiowa County Hospital District Minutes – November 28, 2017

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November 28, 2017

The Board reviewed a discussion document covering key concepts related to hospital and district finances presented by Shannon Dixon and Colette Martin.


November 28, 2017

The Kiowa County Hospital District and County Board met in regular session on November 28. 2017 at 6:30 p.m. at the Bransgrove Building Meeting Room.

Kiowa County Commissioners Meeting Minutes – January 9, 2018

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The Kiowa County Reorganizational meeting was called to order at 9:08 a.m. by Chairman Richard Scott. Oswald opened the meeting with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. Those in Attendance:

Richard Scott, Chairman

Cindy McLoud, Commissioner

Donald Oswald, Commissioner

Delisa Weeks, County Clerk

Tina Adamson, County Administrator

Member of the audience: Pricilla Waggoner

Oswald moved and McLoud seconded the motion to approve the minutes as presented. Motion carried.

County Line Rivals Wrestling Results - Limon and Trinidad Meets

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I guess what doesn't kill you will make you stronger, and after the week that the County Line Rivals went through I am sure this statement is true.  With a tri-meet in Limon on Thursday night and then following it up on Saturday for the Miner's Wrestling Tournament in Trinidad.  This time of the year not only the weight factor comes in to play, but let's throw in flu season.  The Tri-Meet was a kickoff to the weekend with Kiowa and Limon and although not many matches were wrestled it was good to see some of the Rivals get in a win.  Saturday was an early 3:45 a.m.

East End Events

Sharon Scott - Community Columnist

I guess that ole' man winter finally decided to make an appearance in our area.  It has been near blizzard conditions since around 1:00 p.m. today.  About everyone I called, didn't have any news and was glad to be inside and staying warm.

All of the outdoor Christmas decorations are put away for another year.  Now we have moved on into the next events of our life.  We are having babies (goats that is).  We had a set of triplets Thursday - they are so cute - but like all things, they outgrow that.