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Town of Eads Trustees’ Meeting Minutes – June 13

Government - Town of Eads, Colorado

The Regular Meeting of the Town of Eads Board of Trustees was called to order by Mayor Shields, Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. in the City Hall. Shealynn McCracken, Assistant Town Clerk, took roll call:

Mayor - Joe D. Shields- present

Trustees - Present -Justin McLoud, Dennis Pearson, Kathy McCracken, and Terry Riley

Absent -

Town Clerk- Robin Fox -Present

Assistant Clerk- Shealynn McCracken-Present

Director of Public Works- Van Brown- Present

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"Love your neighbor as yourself" Matthew 22:39. Then Trust them, Thank them, and Value them. Let's make it a habit to practice the Golden Rule.

Several couples in our community have been celebrating that they have been married 50 or more years. Some whom I have visited with are Bob and Renee Woods -63 years, Orville and Rita Mousel-----, Dave and Diane Harrison--55 years and Louis and Lauretta Brown--50 years. We do congratulate them and many other couples who have had lasing marriages.

5K Color Dash to Benefit Prairie Pines Assisted Living Center

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In the first of what is expected to be annual, colorful event, the Maine Street 5K Color Dash has been scheduled for July 29 in Eads. Proceeds from the event will benefit Prairie Pines Assisted Living Center.

Registration is open now. The $25 entry fee includes lunch, and prizes will be awarded to the fastest runner in each division and the most originally-dressed runner. Additional drawings for prizes are also planned.