Kiowa County

Eads School Calendar

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Monday, August 27

  • Eligibility Begins 
  • Lunch:  Santa Fe Wrap

Tuesday, August 28

  • Lunch:  Pigs In A Blanket w/ Baked Beans 

Wednesday, August 29

  • FBLA CTSO Officer Training at Denver lv 5:30 a.m. r 4:30 
  • 3:00 p.m. JV Golf at Rocky Ford lv 1:00 
  • Lunch:  Enchilada Bake 

Thursday, August 30

  • Lunch:  Beef tips w/ Rice  

Friday, August 31

    Town of Eads Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes – July 10, 2018

    Government - Town of Eads, Colorado

    The Regular Meeting of the Town of Eads Board of Trustees was called to order by Mayor Shields, Tuesday July 10, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. in the City Hall. Robin Fox, Town Clerk, took roll call:

    Mayor - Joe D. Shields- present

    Trustees - Present - Justin McLoud, Kathy McCracken, Terry Riley, Dennis Pearson, Lisa Trigilio, and Priscilla Waggoner

    Absent - 

    Town Clerk- Robin Fox -Present

    Assistant Clerk- Shealynn McCracken-Present

    Photo of the Week

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    One of our most popular features for over 17 years - a full-page color photo on the front of the Kiowa County Press showing various impressions of life in Kiowa County and across Colorado.

    Copies of the print version of the Kiowa County Press can be purchased each week at Crow's Stop and Shop, Kiowa Healthmart, COOP C-Store in Eads, Haswell Propane, and Thunderbird Petroleum, our at our business office at 1208 Maine Street, Eads.

    Kiowa County Fire Protection District Meeting Minutes – July 17, 2018

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    July 17, 2018 at 7:00 pm

    Jay Specht called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.  Those present at the meeting were

    Jay Specht, President

    Terry Riley, Vice President

    Teresa Witte, Treasurer 

    Delton Eikenberg, Director

    Zachary Kopasz, Director

    Karen Jones, Secretary

    Also attending was Darrell Hollis.

    Eads Schools Breakfast and Lunch Menus

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    August 27:Hash browns, sausage, V8, milk, fruit

    August 28:Muffins, yogurt, orange juice, V8, milk, fruit

    August 29:French toast, ham, grape juice, V8, milk, fruit

    August 30:Scrambled eggs, toast, apple juice, V8, milk, fruit


    August 27:Santa Fe wrap, apple-pumpkin bar, milk, fruit and veggie bar

    August 28:Pigs in a blanket, baked beans, pineapple, milk, fruit and veggie bar