Common hunting violations can be costly

PROMO Hunting - Elk

By Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Every hunting season, officers for Colorado Parks and Wildlife hand out thousands of tickets for violations that cost hunters hundreds of thousands of dollars. While some of those tickets are for flagrant violations of wildlife regulations and hunting laws, many more are for minor violations that could have been avoided.

Hunters are reminded that not only can they be fined for violations, they can also lose their hunting privileges in Colorado and the 44 other states that cooperatively participate in a wildlife compact agreement.

Fall Colors on Display Across Colorado

PROMO Colorado Parks and Wildlife Fall Color

Colorado Parks and Wildlife advises residents to rush for the gold -- and red, yellow, orange and brown -- in one of Colorado's 42 state parks this month. Fall is officially here and Colorado state parks provide some of the Centennial State's best showcases for changing nature.

Fall means dramatic changes to aspen trees, blooming saffron crocuses and unique animal mating rituals such as elk bugling, all of which are accessible in Colorado state parks.

Movie Review - Sully

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By Bob Garver

"Sully" tells the story of eponymous pilot Chesley Sullenberger (Tom Hanks), who on January 15 2009, after a dual engine failure in midair, landed a large passenger aircraft in the middle of the Hudson River. The landing was rough, unconventional, and controversial, but it saved the lives of all 155 passengers and crew on board. Though there were many heroes that day, including First Officer Jeffrey Skiles (Aaron Eckhart), Sully was proclaimed the biggest hero of all.

Fall Is a Great Time to Mulch

PROMO Yard Care

"I know we're supposed to do something to our trees in the fall, but what?"

Tree owners often feel compelled to spray, prune or apply something to their trees and landscape plants on a regular basis. But, unless there is a specific reason to spray, prune or apply things to landscape trees, the best thing to "do" to keep your trees healthy is apply a layer of composted mulch.