Hunters Urged to Be Extra Careful During the Rifle Season


As the big game hunting season continues Colorado Parks and Wildlife reminds hunters to be careful in all aspects of their hunting adventures. While few hunters are injured from firearm accidents, other activities in the field can cause problems.

Recently, a hunter in the Gunnison area died from carbon monoxide poisoning after going to sleep with gas lanterns burning in his tent. The man only brought blankets which were not adequate for cold nights in the high country. A report on the incident stated that he used the lanterns in an attempt to stay warm.

Amazing Facts About Whitetailed Deer

Deer in snow

Generally, in North America the farther north you go, the bigger the deer. In 1955, a 461 pound buck was shot in Maine. In 1926 and 1981, a pair of 511 pounders was taken in Minnesota.

A white-tailed deer can sprint 40 miles per hour, jump 9 feet vertically and 29 feet horizontally.

A buck's antler is among the fastest growing tissues on earth, growing as much as a . inch per day.

One out of every 2,500 antlered deer taken by hunters is a doe. The antlers are typically small and some never lose their velvet. These does are usually healthy and capable of breeding.

Hunter Education Course Being Offered in Walsenburg

PROMO Hunting - Elk

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is offering a free Hunter Education Course, Nov. 2 - 4, at Lathrop State Park. This course is mandatory to receive a Colorado Hunter Education Card which is a requirement for purchasing a hunting license in Colorado.
The course will run from 4 to 9 p.m. each day and will be taught by the local CPW District Wildlife Manager. Class size is limited to 33 so pre-registration is highly encouraged. You must be at least 10 years of age to participate

Movie Review - The Magnificent Seven

Movie Review 2 Stars

By Bob Garver

The new version of "The Magnificent Seven" (a remake of a 1960 Western that I have not seen, itself a remake of Akira Kurosawa's "The Seven Samurai," which I have) is one of those movies that starts off looking award-worthy, but gradually loses steam until it's nearly unwatchable by the end. There's no one point where it really drops the ball, it just consistently fails to capitalize on its impressive early scenes.

Internet Resources for Hunters


By Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Hunters looking for information to help with their big game adventure will find plenty of helpful material on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife web site, cpw.state.co.us. The information includes how to apply for a license, where to hunt, tips for hunting elk, detailed maps, how to field dress a big game animal and much more.