2017 Eads High All-School Reunion Recap

PICT - Eads High School - KCP Photo
Published Saturday, September 16, 2017
by Kim Richards

Eads was buzzing with activity as alumni and their families, community members and visitors gathered to celebrate the Eads All School Reunion and the Kiowa County Fair Saturday, September 9, 2017.

The day started off with one of the largest parade's in Eads. Following the parade was lots of visiting, touring the town and attending the Rodeo. During the time of visitation and reminiscing the alumni also registered for the banquet at the Eads Gym from 11:00 until the dinner at 6:00. The packets consisted of name tag, address book with class pictures and a cutting board with the written words "Eads Eagles, 100 years in the making, 1917 - 2017".

Around 5:00 the large crowd was already gathering at Eads High School. The gym was filled with conversation and laughter as friends were once again reunited. The banquet brought together a crowd of approximately 435 alumni and guests. The gym was a welcoming sight with tables decorated with purple paper, and purple and gold balloons.

Kas Fischer Stewart, class of 1965, once again made the program humorous and delightful. She began the program by welcoming the alumni and guests followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag to our country, which was flying high above the festivities. Ed Buck, class of 1967 gave the invocation. The meal consisted of smoked beef, baked beans, baked potato, tossed salad, cookie and water.

After the meal, Kas honored the class graduate of 1937, 80th class reunion, Zelda White Peterson, who was in attendance.

Kas also honored the teachers by reading a poem. The teachers attending were, Bill Woelk, Bob Woods, Jake Diel, Doris Lessenden, Betsy Legg Barnett, Gay Uhland, Brenda Addington Stoker, Debbie Gooden, Cindy Berry McLoud, Dawn Gulley James, Chet Devaughn and Loraine Saffer. Each one was presented with a token of appreciation, with the written words "Eads Eagles, 100 years and you are part of it."

Verna Kelley Ebright, class of 1955, gave a summary on the All School Reunion Scholarships. Part of the registration fee for the reunion and donations in memory of their deceased classmates, goes towards the scholarships. To this date, a total of $28,000.00 has been awarded.

Nancy McCracken Walker, class of 1974, presented a tribute to all past and present military graduates by having each one stand as their anthem was playing.

Following the tribute, Kas introduced the current Eads board of education, Keith Crow, Larry Gifford, Marlynn Eikenberg, Jessica Watts Sierra, Darci Johnson, Ralph Berry, and Marty Miller. The one attending was Marty Miller. The current administration of Eads is Glenn Smith, Superintendent and Betsy Legg Barnett, Principal, with Betsy Legg Barnett attending. Nancy then played taps as we remembered our deceased classmates and teachers.

As the 2017 reunion came to an end, the past cheerleaders were asked to come to the front of the gym and lead the school song. Exciting way to end the enjoyable evening. A class reunion offers excitement, it gives us the opportunity to meet again with our classmates and friends. This has been a great event, closely associated with Eads 100th anniversary since our first graduating class in 1917, making it even more special. We hope everyone will have many good memories. Again, as in the past, the reunion for the year 2017 was a success.