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About Town – August 14, 2023

Doris Lessenden

“They should always pray and not give up.” Luke 18:1

Last Monday, both sides of Maine Street were lined with cars all day and into the evening because it was the County 4-H Fair in the Eads Senior Citizen Center. People could come at 5:00 p.m. to look at the projects, many of which were exceptional with the ribbons they won after their project interview with a judge.

After the fashion show, extension agent Tearle Lessenden welcomed the room full of guests. All the available chairs were filled, plus some were brought over from the church. Tearle then guided the 4-H members who were assigned to present the winners in each category with red, white, or blue ribbons and purple champion ribbons and ribbons to be sent to the State Fair in September. This was good experience for the younger 4-H members especially to learn proper etiquette and speaking on a microphone. This part of the fair was projects such as baking, decorating cakes, sewing, leathercraft, wood working, shooting, and other interesting projects. We highly compliment Krystal Eikenberg, the CSU Administrative Assistant, for the lovely program she designed with all the ribbon awards typed in by the evening fashion show and food actions, which brought some really high sums of money. A small percentage goes to the 4-H Council, and the rest to the 4-H member who cooked the product.

The ladies of the Weisbrod Hospital Auxiliary came to my home for a meeting last Tuesday. We decided to take money in little envelopes for playing Bingo with the residents of the Extended Care Unit (nursing home). This will be at 1:30 p.m. August 25. We reviewed who will be buying extra gifts for the residents’ birthdays, and what else we could do for them. The Hospital Bazaar will be November 18, and the next day will be the hospital-resident Thanksgiving Dinner at the community building. Do plan ahead if you want to have a booth, or save your money for holiday shopping.

The Kiowa County Fair is less than a month away. It would help our CSU Administrative Assistant, Krystal Eikenberg, with her book work if we could get out entry forms in early.

What a surprise to have our phones and devices ringing Wednesday morning to warn us of hail and a possible tornado in the Sheridan Lake and Towner area. We have been getting so many warning calls of storms this year.

We were sad to hear the news from Deborah Gooden that Don Jones died recently at the age of 93. Don and his wife, Darlene Fox, were both graduates of the class of 1948. He later became a pastor, and they settled in Illinois.

It is so exciting to hear that now we can look forward to having a “new library.” Our county is blessed the have Cindy McLoud and Kelly Courkamp as grant writers and our knowledgeable chair of the Crow-Luther Cultural Events Center. Cheers!

People keep saying it: “I cannot believe that school is starting so soon!” But it did begin in full force August 9 in Eads!

We are blessed the have two newspapers in our little town! Some larger towns only have a very small paper or none at all. In case you have not heard, the Kiowa County Independent is now being printed in Liberal, Kansas, since the Pueblo newspaper is no longer printing at their facility. That is requiring a change in their deadlines. On the other hand, your news and other items can continue to be into the Kiowa County Press up to Tuesday afternoon to be printed here in Eads Wednesday morning and delivered later the same day. They do have printed copies that people can buy around town, or subscribe to be mailed or emailed. Their records show they have over 41,000 monthly readers online.

Eads senior citizens are looking forward the their lasagna dinner meeting Wednesday, August 16 at noon.

My neighbor, Rich O’Brian, who is a pastor in Cheyenne Wells, is always sure the be back in his home on 13th Street in what he calls us, “the garden of Eads.” This is the date of the “Fight Club” at 6:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month in JJ’s Restaurant meeting room.

Last Saturday, there were two lovely party showers in Eads. The first was for Carrie (Roberson) and Greg Neal in the Cobblestone Inn for their triplets, who are due in the fall. The second shower was for Chelsea Crosby and AJ Bolin, which was such a pleasant and pretty affair held in the senior center. Both young ladies are employed with the Hospital District. 

Often we hear people say after they have been to a game, or shopping, or at the Ice Cream Shoppe, “Where do all those new people come from?” I respond to say, “I think we live in a good town. We have a good school and I think people want their children to attend a good school.” We do have a problem for some, it is lack of housing. What are we going the do about it?

I was blessed again to win in another drawing at the Maine Street Bash . It was at the Weisbrod Hospital booth. When I went the visit my friends last week, the new receptionist, Candi Lane, handed me a pretty bag with a fine thermal glass-cup in it. 

Again, this week, I do remind you the take time to visit at an elder home.