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About Town – January 18, 2021

Doris Lessenden

“Be strong and courageous!” Joshua 6

Friends of Dr. John Hines extend their deep sympathy to his families following his death. Dr. Hines was our local dentist for many years in Eads. He and Marji raised their three children, Michelle, Kristy, and Michael, in Eads, who were all outstanding Eads High School athletes and persons. Since they lived in Limon, they could watch and enjoy Mike and Shelly (Crawford) Hines’ children.

Congratulations to the two County Commissioners who took the oath office administered by County Judge, Gary Davis, January 12. Donald Oswald represents the west end of the county and of Michael Lening represents the east end of the county. They are approachable men who are kindly and care for the county and people’s welfare.

Last Friday, we experienced a terrible dark dust storm in eastern Colorado. It was very frightening for some travelers because they just could not tell where they were driving on the country roads. One lady told me that it reminded her of the 1950s and early 60s when she saw that brown wall of sand descend on her. There were a number of accidents and truck rollovers in the state, which closed highways. It reminded us of December 23 when, near Wild Horse in a dust storm, there was a ten vehicle crash with two persons flown to hospitals and seven transported to hospitals. All the occupants were wearing their seatbelts. Sadly, there have been three or more deaths of teens in the area in recent months who were not wearing seatbelts.

Welcome to Kim Wentland to Eads who is the Lead Ranger for the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site, which is east and north of Chivington. Kim has lived in several states and the Philippines but calls Wisconsin her home state. She is eager to explore Colorado.

How interesting to read about the similar views of the days spent in Washington D.C. around January 6 by Doug Uhland of Eads and Gary Billings of the Greeley area who is the husband of our Charlotte Peterson. Gary has visited in the county often. Greg and Liza Griswould also attended the rallies in Washington from their new home in Oklahoma. This is an interesting time we are living in, sometimes shocking and horrifying, other times inspiring or hopeful. But, readers, we need to remember that there is always hope and we must work and be informed to save our free country.

Again, I urge people to shop locally. Mrs. Ellenberger’s Future Business Leaders of America chapter and the Chamber of Commerce did a study a few years ago on shopping locally. They compared taxes vs Eads and Lamar and other towns. We need our hospital, so we must have our pharmacy. If a person thinks they save money by shopping in a larger town, just think of the amount of money you spend for gas and the meal or beverages you spend extras on driving there. Our local store owners are so good about ordering specific items that we might want. Sadly, two more stores closed in Kit Carson.

We extend our sympathy to Don Jones and his five children and families since the death of his wife, Darlene (Fox) Jones. Don and Darlene spent their lives in the ministry of the United Methodist Church after they graduated from Eads High School. One of my vivid memories of them is when they visited me in Pueblo Corwin Hospital when I had polio in 1949.

Gail Voss invited Virgyln Griswold and me to the new senior center for me to “test” the spaces. They set the ceramic snowmen on the tables and shelves for the first noon dinner this week, January 20. 

Mark Hillman and Greg Brophy wrote a wonderful article acknowledging the many good accomplishments that Cory Gardner did while he was in the United States Senate. In the Senate, Cory worked with Democrat and Republican senators to introduce bills that were to the benefit of Colorado and America which are too numerous to list here, but some that are more outstanding is that they secured permanent funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund for our national parks and passed the rights and economic bill in the Asia Reassurance Initiative, which sets our United States strategy to counter Chinese trade domination. Senator Gardner secured, after 60 years, effective legislation to make clean water available to 50,000 or more people in Colorado. We now have the Bureau of Land Management in Grand Junction, and he teamed with Senator Bennett to make Colorado a finalist for the U.S. Space Command and, with other Senators, to have a National Suicide phone number, plus other good legislation for his constituents and America. Thank you, Cory Gardner.

Linda Trosper, Weisbrod Hospital Auxiliary quilt display chairwoman, is asking if a family or person has a quilt, seasonal wall hanging, or afghan that would be appropriate for display in the resident dining room to please call her.

4-H families and supporters were pleased to see individual photos of the members with their awards published.

Friday evening, the news showed photos of a roaring fire in the Arkansas River near the Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site east of Las Animas. Please be aware and avoid accidentally setting a fire.

The good news is that Curtis Canopin, local massage therapist, will schedule two days in Eads now. Call the Demitasse gym for an appointment. It is a fact that his massages are marvelous!