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About Town – January 31, 2022

Doris Lessenden

“Don’t worry about anything, Tell God what you need, then pray with a thankful heart” Philippians 4:6

Early Friday morning when I was attempting to transfer from bed to my power chair, I slipped. After praying loudly for a while, I remembered my favorite Bible verse, Philippians 4:6, that God tells me, “Do not worry about anything, tell God what you need, then pray with a thankful heart.” I pressed my alert button and tried to be strong and not move. Oh, I was so thankful when Tristen Sheridan and Ken Flory rushed into my bedroom and lifted me up. All is well. I am so utterly grateful to them and all men and women who volunteer to be EMTs with the ambulance service to help not only citizens in our county, but all those travelers who go through our county and often need help or are in traffic accidents. Thank you to the taxpayers and to the Commissioners. I know that it takes a lot of book studies to be an EMT. I well remember how Brian Miller, Bob Woods’ grandson, who used to slip to the northwest corner of Room 103 to study his EMT books when the class presentation was over. Now Brian is also a nurse in Denver.

Last month, Verna Ebright had a phone call from George Holter from Fort Collins, who wanted to know how things and people are around Eads. He told her that Dean Osolin, age 91, had died recently.

Chase Stolzenberger and Taite Weeks-Johnson, two Eads High School seniors on the County Line Rivals wrestling team, won championships in their weight divisions a week ago. Last week, the team had meets Thursday and Friday, and ended up in Burlington on Saturday. It has been helpful for their rest that some groups funded their motel stay Friday night.

Tim and Sylvia Weeks accompanied their son, Grady, and Erika Weeks and three little girls on a holiday trip to Pennsylvania and New York City. Their goal was to visit his friend, Adams, the young man who lived with Lane and Deborah Gooden to finish high school. Sylvia really enjoyed all the different sights that they saw.

Bobbi Jo Lord has been in Eads for some time to help care for her mother, Elda Irene McKinnis, who died recently. Irene had battled cancer for many years. She had two daughters, Irene and Bobbi Jo, and husband, Chester.

Eads High School senior Rhealie Rittgers was selected by her faculty to receive the Eads “DAR Good Citizen” award. She and girls from seven other schools were given the awards at a dinner in Lamar hosted by the Fort Bent Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Rhealie has been an outstanding leader and officer in several groups including, Student Council, Future Business Leaders of America, STAND club, Future Farmers of America, and other groups. This outstanding athlete and student is the daughter of Robert and Jacqueline Rittgers.

Mina DeBusk, who was such a cheerful 95 year old lady and lived at Prairie Pines, died recently. She told me many times that “I just love living here!” When I complemented her on her lovely clothes and jewelry, she would say, “I worked in an office for years and we ‘dressed up’.” Her nieces and nephews were dear to her, especially Jeannie Strong, who lived in Weisbrod Nursing Home for many years, and Mary Sue Widner from Sheridan Lake and Granada.

Prairie Pines resident Marteal Bickle Johnson is missing Mina too. Marteal has such a lovely room with wonderful items from her world travels. She is a most remarkable lady to me. Another amazing lady at Prairie Pines is Mary Marble of Chivington, who is a marvelous poet. Two weeks ago she read me her poem “Frogs,” and last week it was an emotional poem about her brother, Frank Osborne. That brought back many memories of Frank and Hazel and their fun loving grandson, Larry Ed, who they raised after his parents had died.

It was such a shock to hear of the sudden death during surgery of David Crow. David was such a friendly person and well liked when he worked at NAPA and at the Interstate Gas Company. His funeral was Monday of this week. He leaves three sons, Josh, Brison, and Trevor, and wife, Janelle.

According to our two newspapers, there are two fine men who have registered to run for Sheriff. This is a great relief to many citizens that there are people who are willing to take on this serious job to protect our citizens. It must be a difficult job. I am glad they care.

Last week, we were able to watch some of the proceedings of the Weisbrod Hospital Board meeting. In the end, they hired Jeannette Filpi to be the Interim CEO. She was chosen from three candidates. Since the 1960s, I have visited or been at the hospital at least once a week, and I can testify that “life and work” seems to be moving on daily quite smoothly. That is a good and reassuring thing. Someday I plan to live there, so it is important to me that the quality of life and service is supreme.

We are thankful in Kiowa County for the two snows that fell last week.