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About Town – May 31, 2021

Doris Lessenden

“The Lord is good to those who hope in Him.” Lamentations 3: 25

Dr. Joe Wagner and driver Tim Weeks returned with the senior class of 2021 to Eads last week just in time for the guys and gals to go to Lamar for the big track meet and then to the baseball game in Springfield Friday. The students report having had a good time in Gunnison and Denver. I remember whether sponsoring 13 girls or 55 boys and girls for three days in Greeley, Denver or Colorado Springs, it was such a relief to bring those precious students home safely - especially when we sponsors didn’t get much sleep at all!

Eads High School’s graduation was held May 29, with the processional through the arch to the Processional played by Ms. Nancy Walker. Senior Mollie Kelley welcomed the audience before Mr. Glenn Smith introduced board members Ralph Berry, Keith Crow, Marlynn Eikenberg, and Marty Miller. Dr. Joe Wagner, senior sponsor, introduced Salutatorian, Hatch Nelson, and Valedictorian, Allyson Spady, who addressed the audience. Principal Brian Bohlander announced the scholarships and awards, followed by changing of the tassels, led by Lexi Lopez, and farewell by Joseph Haase.

Our sincere sympathy goes out to the families and friends of Betty Frazee, who died May 26. Her service is Tuesday, June 2, at the Eads First Christian Church. Her son, Kent, primarily took care of her in her home these last few years. What a blessing to have such a son!

Mike and Teresa Jacobs of Littleton were here the afternoon of National Hospital Week at Weisbrod. It was such a pleasure to see them again. Mike has that beautiful smile of his mother, Lougene Jacobs, and her southern positive graciousness. They were outside during the duck water race visiting with Teresa’s mother, Marie Ellenberger. The duck race was fun for the residents and employees who had their names on the little ducks. Activities Director Tanya Lane said they are going to do that again this summer.

Will Elam, Eads High School sophomore, had a good time on a trip to Wyoming with his grandfather, Bob Woods, to the graduation of Bradley Lyon, son of Matt Lyon.

Remember senior citizen readers that the Eads brunch is Thursday, June 3, at 10:00 a.m. We thank Larry Michael for driving to Rocky Ford to bring back 20 chairs that were free to us. What a blessing! Joyce Berry and Gail Voss spent many hours last week washing the chairs and arranging items at the center.

Last Friday, I watched the baseball game between La Veta and Eads, and the Stratton game. I just marvel to see how very many Eagle fans sit in their cars near the concession stand, all around the outside of the field and in the stands. It is fun to watch the people. I am impressed that, at the last two games, I was behind the opponent’s bleachers and their fans have a custom of giving the other people in the stands a little hug. That is good! Do you know that a person needs three hugs a day? Or more - now go hug someone please!

Harriette Brown was there too with her daughter, Diane Brown of Colorado Springs, and her camera. After I asked her if she lived in the Washington D.C. area yet, she said that she planned her job move to Colorado so she could be near her mother. That is a good thing because Harriett replied when I said, “I haven’t seen you for a long time.” She replied, “You know I don’t want to miss a ball game!”

John and Jura Wilson bought the former Laverne and Ilene Eder home after they retired from their jobs in west Denver. The last two years they have been raising their grandson, Bryson Watne, who was an Eads senior. Bryson’s brother, Keegan, graduated in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, last week, so Jura and John hosted a graduation party for their grandsons May 30.

When I was returning from a graduation party in Kit Carson last Saturday evening, I saw a lot of cars at the fairgrounds, so I turned in, thinking that this was for the first Frisbee tournament. However, it was for a wedding of Tyler and Mikahael McCracken. There is a new green and white sign near the metal silhouette of the cowboy and flag proclaiming “Dick Scott Disc Golf Course.” 

Larry Gifford of Colorado Springs drove down to Lamar to be a track official at the Lamar track meet. We saw him in the Eads HealthMart when he came in to see who might be around and to greet friends. Of course, he made his way back to greet Pharmacist Tom Davis, who is well loved and liked by Larry and all of us. He said he knew that our friend, Mike Arth, had come out of the six-hour surgery at the Mayo Clinic Friday. Mike is doing better since the surgery on his neck and spine.

Gloria Trosper called to ask me if I would come to see if a new bathroom that is being made for the lab was wheel chair accessible. I was glad to do that because in my life and other folks who use wheelchairs, so often we find that the doorbells, the mirrors, doorknobs, toilet tissue, and paper towels are located just too high or out of reach. But I am still grateful for my life!