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About Town – September 9, 2019

Doris Lessenden

“LOVE your neighbor as yourself”. Leviticus 19:18

Jan Richards was a most welcome guest at the monthly Brunch last Thursday at the Eads Senior Center. She brought good news from her position as Director of the Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation. Work is continuing on the restoration and construction of our center across the street. Jan will be working with a broker from Denver to sell and administer historic tax credits. Cindy McLoud will help with some of the details since she wrote and is acquainted the five grants the senior center was awarded. We are so grateful to these fine women who have made things happen positively for the senior citizens and for people who will be able to enjoy the center in the future. We keep remembering that Sharon Frazee, our former director, used to assure us, ”you will see it in your lifetime.” LaVerle Kelley says, “I hope so because I have been going to meetings for 16 years about this.” We plan to move some appliances, tables and chairs across the street. Joyce Berry advised us to have Betty Crow’s piano checked by piano tuner before we move it across the street, and then tune it! Joyce has wise ideas! Jan also told us about the six new apartments that will be moved in and landscaped this fall. She also said that there are a few more plots of land available to build homes on in Kiowa Creek Estates, and some land for sale for commercial businesses.

The new building being built across from the Cobblestone Inn will be occupied about the end of October. Jan will return for the monthly lunch September 18.

A large group of representatives returned for the second meeting required by the state for the community’s input on how to run a cost-effective hospital. The meeting was led by Megan Little of Denver, who is a co-owner of Verticle Strategies. Ms Little is coordinating with a consortium of the eight rural hospitals on the eastern plains. After discussions and problem solving, the list of 12 items was shortened to three workable topics that the community and hospital could work with to maintain the facility and services to people. Chief Executive Officer Char Korral clarified a number of questions that people had. It was a worthwhile hour, plus Braylynn Eder and Renay Crain served finger foods sent by the Dietary Department.

The black China marble memorial bench is now set in front of the new senior citizens center. It is engraved with the names of Merle and Dorothy Frazee. We do thank the family for their gracious gift! It is so beautiful!

The Eads Chamber of Commerce met last Wednesday. Brandon Hoffman, who is in charge of the chuck wagon breakfast during the fair, was on hand to discuss details of the Thursday and Friday breakfasts. Our biggest need is for people to volunteer to cook and serve. 

The Eads Lady Eagle volleyball team was so energized last Friday and won three straight matches under the coaching of Chelsea Davis, who was assisted by Ty Lin Williams and Jessica Milspaugh. The teammates names are Lexi Lopez, Rhealie Rittgers, Lauren Brown, Taygen Ferris, Crystal Watson, Ally Spady, Maggie Haase, Kaycee Ellenberger, Briana Habnick, Kyra Sheridan, Piper Sorter, Samantha Courkamp, Colby Stoker, and Mollie Kelley. Their managers are Tailee Johnson and Kara Wilson.

Gloria and Keith Barlow have such beautiful rock gardens with lovely blooming flowers around the former Ray and Lucy Crow home on Luther Street. Gloria has been giving away bags and bags of cucumbers to friends, and even leaving them on the counter at the Hometown Gas and Grill for people to take home.

Buy a brick! Crow-Luther Cultural Events Center board members are selling bricks for the sidewalk in front of the north section of the theatre property. This is exciting! I am carrying around a folder, too, of applications. The fun part is to choose designs if you want them on your name brick. I chose four that reflect my life.

Rusty Paitin was chosen to receive the Good Scout Award plaque that was presented during the Kit Carson Day parade last week by Chamber of Commerce spokesman Mike Morlan, who read Rusty’s biography that especially thanked Rusty for providing the place for the KC Rodeo on Saturday morning.

The Eads Eagles won their first 6-man football game at home last week over the Genoa-Hugo team. The popular Eaglette Dance Team performed their routine during the half time of the football game. In the gym the volleyball team had exciting games. There were some of the longest volleys I have ever seen.

Damian Hernandez and Logan Rasmussen hung new wall hangings as directed by Tanya Lane in the Weisbrod dining room. It is a great improvement for the facility. The windmill blades will no doubt bring back a lot of memories for the residents. It reminds me that the logo for Weisbrod is still the windmill that my art student, Viola (Wissel) Chandler, designed in the 1980s.

Last Thursday was a big cleanup day at the fairgrounds. FFA students helped set up pens, a bunch of volunteers washed and cleaned the display shelves in the community building, and the county employees were busy painting and fixing. I love the days of the fair to see friends, exhibits, rodeos, parade, and events.