PROMO 660 x 440 People - Doris Lessenden

About Town March 22, 2021

Doris Lessenden

“In the Lord, I take refuge.” Psalm 11:1

Although last Wednesday was so frigid and windy, more people braved the coldness to go for the long-awaited noon Eads senior citizen’s lunch in the new center. Gail Voss spent many hours for two days to prepare and cook the corned beef for eight or more hours and then she boiled in separate pots of potatoes, carrots, onions, and cabbage to make a really appetizing entree that the guests enjoyed after they loaded their plates with tasty side dishes and desserts. Gail had set the tables with light green tablecloths and ceramic potato centerpieces. George and Dorothy Ellicott celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary with us. Pastor Rich O’Brian offered the prayer, and President Loretta Seibel led the Pledge Allegiance. Secretary Madonna Pollreis announced that the brunch will be April 1, and the monthly noon meal will be as always on the third Wednesday, April 21. The SAGE meal will be April 7 at noon, and do call Areta Laird if you want to make a meal reservation. Treasurer Joyce Berry reported that we have received generous donations in memory of Dora Pearcey and Harvey Hollis and some other people. The recreation district blessed us with a handsome sum that helped pay our down payment for the flooring and carpet. Gail reported the details in progress about having the prom in the senior center with parent sponsors and approved procedures. Discussions are being held about when to have coffee hours and other social events at the center, plus the reservations that Gail has in her logbook. Please remember that if you are age 55 you are welcome to come eat with us. The custom is to bring a side dish to the Brunch and Lunch or to put a donation of $3 in the donation box and expect to have a good time with us.

There was a very large turn-out of people last Saturday who went to the Kiowa County fairgrounds at Eads for the “Celebration of Agriculture” hosted to thank our farmers and ranchers. After Cindy Williams shared her idea for this with her husband, Bryan, then Matt Prince, Roger Saffer, and Doug Uhland assisted in promoting the idea to “eat beef” on March 20 even though we were not encouraged to eat beef on that day! In one area, the Sheriff’s Deputies were supervising the climbers of their popular wall. Lots of people were having fun playing the corn hole game while others were in line to eat some of Russ Watson’s family barbeque meal paid for by generous donations of others. On the Crow-Luther stage people could listen to Jamie Crockett and then Rhett Uhland and band. There were several booths to buy t-shirts and other related merchandise by Barb Scranton and daughter, a couple from Las Animas, and the Farm Bureau. Thank you to Terry Riley for his sound system, and all the volunteers and to the cowboys who team roped for people to watch.

Since the Eads junior class has not been able to earn money in the concession stand the last two years, the students are grateful for Russ and Bylie Jo Watson to give them the chance to earn some money by selling tickets for a pulled pork dinner that they helped serve at the city park last Sunday.

Huge congratulations go to the parents for raising and guiding their son, Hatch Nelson, and daughter, Mollie Kelley, to soak in their education in the Eads schools and then to apply and be selected to interview for the Daniel’s Scholarship. Sam and Denise Nelson and Paul and Shawn Kelley parented these outstanding seniors who were chosen to receive the highly prized Daniels scholarships.

Ms. Dawn James and Ms. Sue Fox are justifiably proud of the Eads Knowledge Bowl team they have been coaching the last several years. The students set up their tables and computer systems in two different rooms of the First Christian Church (spring break at school), where they competed for parts of two days in the Colorado State Knowledge Bowl Tournament. The senior team of Joe Haase, Mollie Kelley, Amber Kopasz, and Hatch Nelson tied for fifth place in state competition, and the freshman girls, Maggie Haase and Rachel Kopasz, teamed up with two students from other schools, so they were able to compete in State also. Congratulations to the ladies and students in the virtual Knowledge Bowl championships.

PICT EHS Knowledge Bowl Team

Eads High School knowledge bowl team members Amber Kopasz, Mollie Kelley, Hatch Nelson, and Joe Haase finished in a tie for fifth place at the Colorado Knowledge Bowl State Championship. Courtesy Sue Fox

The Lamar Community College Academic Honor Roll was published recently, listing students who had taken dual credit classes who had a 4.00 grade point average on the President’s List. Included were Eads students Joe Haase, Mollie Kelley, Miranda Mitchek, and Hatch Nelson. Raina Lynch was on the Vice President’s list with a 3:75-3:99 GPA, and Lexi Lopez was on the Dean’s List. Kit Carson’s students on the LCC President’s Honor List are Cally Rady, Tieler Randel, Jordyn Weeks, and Janae Voss, with Allison Gekeler on the Vice President’s Honor list.

Last weekend we were blessed to receive about two inches of rain all over Kiowa County. We are eager for spring here in Colorado!

Plan ahead: this Sunday, March 28, is Palm Sunday, and April 4 is Easter-Resurrection Sunday. Good Friday services will be at the Praise Community Church in Eads at 6:30 p.m. Friday, and Easter Sunrise Service will be by the three crosses near the First Christian Church April 4 at 7:00 a.m.

The Sheridan Lake Bible Church is hosting their annual Ladies Retreat April 10 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Ladies can call reservations to Amy Schmidt at 719-691-5628 or