PICT Sign at Sand Creek Site - Chris Sorensen

Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site welcomes new staff member

One of many signs at the Sand Creek Massacres National Historic Site calling out the history of the area and those involved. © Chris Sorensen

The Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site in Kiowa County is pleased to introduce its latest staff member, Nate Larkin.

Larken graduated from the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2017. During his last semester of college, he took a student park guide position at the Natchez Trace National Parkway where he developed a love for working and living in the National Parks. Upon graduation, Larkin returned home to the Denver area where he worked various jobs, including in the Colorado State Capitol before his next NPS season at the Natchez Trace Parkway.

Larkin has worked continuously with the NPS since April 2019, starting with a seasonal job at the Statue of Liberty. Soon after, he started his first permanent National Park job at National Mall in Washington, DC, mostly pushing elevator buttons at the Washington Monument (a job he said really had ups and downs.) 

He has also worked as a Park Guide at the Pearl Harbor National Memorial and, most recently, Arches National Park. 

Larkin looks forward to learning about the history of the Sand Creek site and experiencing everything that the eastern plains of Colorado have to offer.