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PROMO 660 x 440 People - Slim Randles

Billy's been a busy guy ever since he became the official town dog here. Sally had been the town dog until she passed away on Doc's porch, and then Billy's owner died just two weeks after that, so it was something of a natural progression. Sometimes offices are filled without an election.

The high school wood shop boys built Billy a dog house next to the school crossing, but Billy preferred Aunt Ada's couch in the cold months and a nice dog depression under an oak tree when it's warm.

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PROMO 660 x 440 People - Slim Randles

Down at the sale barn Saturday, the think tank had coagulated there with coffees to go to celebrate spring. Doc and Dud had their dogs with them, while Bert and Dewey and Steve went stag.

Dud tried to start a conversation, but the loudspeaker soon drove them outside, where they arrayed themselves on dropped tailgates and waited to hear what Dud had in mind.

"I thought about it a lot," Dud said, "and I wondered what the favorite part of my job was, and wondered if you fellas ever gave that any thought, too."

They nodded. Yes, by mutual consent a worthy subject.


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Dear EarthTalkI recently read about the toxic dangers of particle board. I still am using the same laminate on particle board bedroom furniture that I bought new 30 years ago. Do you think it's still harmful to my health after all this time, and is there any way to make it less unhealthy?-- Jane Woodard, via e-mail

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Romans 12:15 "Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep."

That Romans verse reminds me that it seems that grief is more painful in weeks that follow death. I suppose because one realizes that it really is real. Thank you, to the people who have continued to send cards or speak greetings of comfort following Bonnie's death. We do appreciate the kindness of our friends.

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PROMO 660 x 440 People - Slim Randles

There's something so satisfying about getting out of bed when the world is still dark and quiet and resting. Making the coffee gives us time to scratch and think. Well, scratch, anyway. Most of that thinking will start after about the third cup of coffee.