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One of the great pleasures of hanging around down at the livestock auction barn each Saturday morning is being able to take your dog along.

Why do we go to the sales barn? We love agriculture, and it's part of living here to see who buys what and rejoice in their good fortune, even if our own grass is stressed to the limit by whatever varmint we're currently feeding. Or, it could be that we figure we've already lived too long, and if the right horse or cow comes through there, and we buy it, our wives will see to it that we don't suffer in agony for untold years.

East End Events

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Dick and I would like to wish our son Tom a very happy 48th birthday today. I know it was a happy one because the Broncos and the Rockies won today. Also, our granddaughter Mikyla will be 17 on Tuesday. Happy Birthday Ky!!

Robert and Marilyn Hopkins were here last week to help get the wheat drilling done.

Rowdy Grubb of Tribune spent the weekend with his good friend, Layton Hopkins.

Sherell Stum's niece and husband from Texas were guests of Linly and Sherell this past weekend.

EarthTalk - Increasing access to outdoors?

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Dear EarthTalk: Are any environmental groups working specifically to increase access to nature and the outdoors? -- Mary Pelletier, Macon, GA

No one doubts that time spent outdoors in nature is time well-spent, especially in this age of smartphones, tablets and laptops vying for our attention. Research consistently shows links between higher levels of health and well-being when people have access to parks, gardens, greenways and other natural areas. 

Home Country

PROMO 660 x 440 People - Slim Randles

You have to look for the schism, Jasper said to himself out at the woodpile. He put another chunk of firewood up on the splitting block and took a look at the checking cracks that ran part way through the circles of age rings. 

If I hit it right there, he said to himself, it should cleave.

"What do you think, Arthur? If I hit it right there...?"