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Ever since ol' Windy began a career in radio, which is unusual for an old hunting guide, cowboy, and camp cook, he's been spending more time thinking about things to say. His radio segment, called Windy's Words of Wisdom, has given him new purpose.

Down at the sale barn the other day, he meandered around until he had several of the guys semi-cornered. You see, the only thing in life Windy Wilson can't live without is an audience.

"Now Doc," Windy said, "you watch teevee, right?"

"Of course."

East End Events

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The Plainview High School boys and girls basketball teams traveled to Lone Star School (north of Yuma) Friday evening for their first ball game of the season. Both teams lost, but it was a good learning experience. Several sets of parents traveled through the dense fog to support the teams. Their next game is Monday - Jr. High girls and boys followed by High School girls and boys at Plainview.