East End Events

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Well, the Kiowa County Fair has come and gone for another year. It was a good fair and there were more exhibits than last year. The weather was ideal - not too hot and not too cold. A large crowd was in attendance Friday and Saturday. The parade was great, and the car show was well attended. The Plainview student council members along with a couple of helpers from Eads ran the game booths both days and they were a big hit with the kids.

Home Country

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"Doctor's office."

"That you, Doc?"

"Sure is. How you doing, Windy?"

"Finer'n frog hair, Doc. Say, did you hear about ol' Bob over at the junction?"

"Sure was a shame, Windy. I had no idea he was sick. Went pretty fast is what I heard."

"Me, too. Say Doc, you remember Minnie up at the capitol? I heard she passed just last week."

"You don't say. That's a shame. Used to see her at dances at the Legion. So how are you, Windy?"

EarthTalk - What happened to the depleting ozone layer?

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Dear EarthTalk: You never hear anything about ozone depletion anymore. Have we solved this problem and if so why can't we get a handle on global warming as well? -- Lia Smith, Reno, NV

Global warming is certainly a hot subject in the news right now, what with all the oppressive weather we've been having, but it doesn't mean we've solved the myriad other environmental problems facing us. 

East End Events

PROMO 660 x 440 Sign Brandon Sheridan Lake Towner East End Events Sharon Scott

I can't believe it is fair week already. Hope everyone can come and enjoy the activities. We have been busy picking and digging our garden produce and getting it ready to show at the fair. Kyle and I have been doing some baking and making candy and I have also been busy making pickles, jelly and relish to show. Fun! Fun!

Last Thursday, Susan Greenfield and Jeanie Smith went to Holly to watch their girls play volleyball. Friday, they went to La Junta shopping and then back to Manzanola to watch the Eads football and volleyball teams play.

About Town

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"He has made everything beautiful in its time." Ecclesiastes 3:11

That verse reminds me of the song Sylvia (Blooding) Weeks used to sing. One year at a Veteran's Day program at school as she sang the song, "Everything Beautiful in His Time" while her classmates passed out those words they had copied to slim sheets of paper to the students in the Assembly. In those years we also had skits on the Viet Nam topic and concerns of teenagers.

This weekend there is a major patriotic parade and program in Lamar Saturday,

Home Country

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The other night it was hot. Hot during the day, hot at night. Heat seems to define summer for us, in many ways.

But in spite of that, after a day in the outdoors, we built a fire. A small fire. A "hat" fire, which mountain people define as one you can put in your hat. Why so small? Because it was hot and we didn't need the heat. Why the fire? Because we need the fire.


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Dear EarthTalk: I know that ranchers and environmentalists have traditionally been at odds, but what are some ways they are working together these days? -- Jim H., Boone, IA

Ranchers and environmental advocates haven't always seen eye-to-eye, but the differences between the two aren't as extreme anymore, as more and more ranchers have come around to the understanding that taking good care of the land supports both economic stability and environmental health.