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Our resident cowboy, Steve, brought us the shocking news: cowpuncher Three-Chord Cortez, that bunkhouse balladeer, plans to study opera, in hopes an aria or three will make him even more attractive to girls during a serenade. Apparently, singing La Donna Mobilemight be more effective than "You don't know what lonesome is 'til you start herding co-o-o-ows" ... especially if she doesn't speak European.

I thought I'd jot down a few opera-watching truths for ol' T.C. just to help him out.

1. Take off your hat. You can keep jujubes in it if you want.

Mark Hillman’s Capitol Review: Polis’ Health Care Plan Doesn’t Add Up

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Like so many Bernie Sanders Democrats, governor candidate Jared Polis keeps making promises about health care that aren't backed up basic math. Recall that the Boulder congressman wants to put all Coloradans on Medicare, except that wealthy Coloradans (like Polis) can always buy their way into a better, private system.

This is the mantra that today animates the progressive/socialist wing of the Democratic Party. Never mind that Canada, where government provides "health care for all," just set a new record for longest delays as sick patients die while waiting for treatment.

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Our communities would like to extend their condolences to Randy Carney and family on the loss of his father last Thursday.

Also, our condolences to Denis Weber and family on the death of his sister, Leona Blackwelder.

Denis and Theresa Weber's granddaughter, Lexi Knutson, came last weekend to visit and attend the car show at the Holly Fair with her uncle, Jerry.

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PROMO 660 x 440 People - Slim Randles

"Don't you just love this time of year?" said Doc. "Football season. Rodeo finals coming up soon. Time to go hunting. All that stuff."

Windy Wilson sipped at his coffee. Oh good. Doc gave us another topic.

"Sports," Windy said. "thems my putner fav-o-rite things ... well, 'long with dogs ... and country musicals and that kinder thing."

The guys at the philosophy counter of the Mule Barn truck stop grinned at Windy, who has yet to encounter a sentence or thought he couldn't improve.