Dear Dietitian – Vegan Diet?

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Dear Dietitian,

My daughter, who is 18, recently changed from a vegetarian Diet to a vegan Diet.  When she was eating vegetarian, she did eat chicken for protein.  But everything else she ate was considered junk food to us.  Chips, candy, sodas.  Now that she is vegan she is still not eating nearly as enough vegetables or protein in order to maintain good health.   I have tried to help with this by giving her a daily multivitamin and she has been taking iron supplements because she was told she was low in iron. 

East End Events

Sharon Scott - Community Columnist

Theresa and Quinton Weber went to Denver over the weekend to be with Jerry. Theresa reported that Jerry seemed to be finally doing better. Keep him in your prayers that he continues to move forward.

Saturday, Amy Schmidt, Barb Wanderlingh and I traveled to Springfield to watch the track team compete. It was a nice warm day and there were lots of teams there.

Congratulations to Larry and Amanda Koeller on the birth of their daughter. Emalee was born April 24 in Lamar.

Home Country

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Doc smiled and felt really good inside when he heard the familiar bird song.

"Hey there, Wheezer," he said, "happy spring!"

For some reason, this mourning dove with the speech impediment comes around to Doc's back yard every spring, and Doc thinks that's just all right. If ol' Wheez didn't have that distinctive voice, Doc would never know if this bird favored his yard or was just another bird looking for a home. Let's face it, Wheezer looks just like every other dove in town.

Home Country

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Billy's been a busy guy ever since he became the official town dog here. Sally had been the town dog until she passed away on Doc's porch, and then Billy's owner died just two weeks after that, so it was something of a natural progression. Sometimes offices are filled without an election.

The high school wood shop boys built Billy a dog house next to the school crossing, but Billy preferred Aunt Ada's couch in the cold months and a nice dog depression under an oak tree when it's warm.