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Mrs. Doc watched the dancers swirl around the cleared hardwood floor of the Legion hall, and smiled to see her husband, Doc, waltzing with Ardis Fisher. But Mrs. Doc was never one to sit out a waltz, so she looked around at the menu.

Over in the corner, smiling and tapping his foot, was Pop Walker. Pop and several other residents of the Rest of Your Life retirement home were there to enjoy the dance and celebrate the end of summer.  Pop has a hard time with his memory, these days, but always forgets things with a smile.

"Pop," said Mrs. Doc, "how about a dance?"

Mark Hillman’s Capitol Review: Amendment 73 is the wrong answer for education

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Colorado schools make a credible argument that a little more money would make their job easier.  But Amendment 73 on this year's ballot is the wrong answer.

The most ominous force against education funding in the Colorado budget is rapid growth of entitlement spending - not lack of money.

Home Country

PROMO 660 x 440 People - Slim Randles

Old Jasper Blankenship bought a deer license again this year, just as he's done every year since Eisenhower was President. He sticks nickels and dimes in a jar all year long and smiles each time he contributes. By Fall, he's saved up enough for a deer tag.

Jasper lives full-time out at the diggin's with his dog, Arthur, of course, so he has only to walk about 100 feet from the cabin to do his hunting. That's one of the marvels of it.

East End Events

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Norman Greenfield spent the weekend with his daughter, Susan Greenfield.

Bryan and Dorcas Berggren hosted Sunday dinner at their home. Guests were Kelvin, Amy and Alex Schmidt; Benjamin Splitter; Tim Lehman and Freda Schmidt.

Weekend before last, Bryan and Dorcas Berggren went to Hillsboro, Kansas, to see their daughter, Abby, who is going to college there. They also were able to visit Dorcas's cousin Garvie Schmidt and wife Diane.

EarthTalk – Is now a good time to buy an electric vehicle?

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Dear EarthTalk: I'm getting ready to join the electric car revolution now that my old clunker is getting on in age. What's the latest and greatest? And is now a good time to buy an EV? -- Doug Ellis, Sacramento, CA

Hybrid-electric cars have become more and more common on American roads since the Prius launched here in 2001. Now fully electric vehicles (EVs) are finally coming of age thanks to innovations by Tesla, Nissan, BMW, General Motors and others.