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Campfire Stories: 4 of Colorado's Best Urban Legends

colorado urban legends campfire stories

Colorado is famous for its beautiful scenery and enviable weather. However, a second look can expose the myths that lie beneath the surface. Colorado has a collection of urban legends, some curious and others chilling. We've compiled a list of four that are sure to capture the attention of anyone interested in Colorado's most fascinating lore.

1. The Ridge Home Asylum

7 Beautiful Alpine Lakes in Colorado and How to Get to Them

alpine lakes in colorado

Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, and everyone seems to be obsessed with the lakes' beauty. But what about Colorado's magnificent lakes? There may not be as many--but what they lack in quantity, they make up for in radiance. Many of the gorgeous lakes in Colorado are located high in the mountain ranges, and they make for beautiful ending destinations for your summer hikes. Here's how to get to the most beautiful alpine lakes in Colorado.

8 Incredible Spring and Summer Wine Festivals in Colorado

summer and spring wine festivals in colorado

It's about that time to hang out with friends and sip on tasty beverages while enjoying the warm weather. If beer isn't your thing, you're in luck: Colorado hosts various wine festivals throughout the summer. Check out our list of upcoming spring and summer wine festivals in Colorado.

Wine Heaven in Colorado


Durango Wine Experience

May 2-4

Why You Need to Attend Pints & Pools Craft Beer Fest

Beer sampler

The 5th annual Pints & Pools Craft Beer Fest takes place at the Spring Resort & Spa in Pagosa Springs, CO. The festival is a great way to enjoy over 50 beers from Colorado and New Mexico breweries as well as 23 of the state's best geothermal soaking pools.

Now that the seasons are changing, it is time to spend a day socializing with friends and family. Pints & Pools begins Saturday, April 27, and is an excellent way to take advantage of the warm weather. Learn about what you have to look forward to at the upcoming Pints & Pools Craft Beer Fest.

5 Must-See Artists at the Red Rocks Summer Concert Series

red rock sunset

Like wine and cheese, the combination of Colorado and concerts is an undeniably attractive pairing. Attending a concert can make one feel as if they are in a different world for a spell, and Red Rocks provides a beautiful setting for this fantasy. Their summer concert series features a diverse array of headliners, providing a charming attraction for anyone looking to experience the venue.

Artists You Need to See at the Red Rocks Summer Concert Series

Luke Combs - Country

May 12