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About Town – June 29, 2020

Doris Lessenden

The teacher wrote: “I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good.” Ecclesiastes 3: 12

A thought with this scripture is “As long as I have breath, God has a purpose for me.” That truth comes to people when someone dies suddenly, like our former student, Terri Wall Haught, who died by a gunshot wound in her living room last week in Arizona. One of Terri’s legacy’s according to her neighbors is that she was instrumental in starting a Cowboy Church 14 years ago near their home. She has teenagers, a girl, Arena, and a boy, Denny. Terri, who graduated in 1987 from Eads High School, was raised on a ranch northwest of Arlington, and was an accomplished sportswoman and cowgirl in the rodeo circuit. Terri’s mother, Reanee Wall, is remembered by hundreds of Eads and Kit Carson students as one of the best-ever mathematics teachers. Her children, a few relatives that remain, and friends do need prayer in the coming months to adjust to life without Terri. Her stepson is arranging funerals in Arizona and Deer Trail. Think about it, “What kind of a legacy are you going to leave this earth?”

On a brighter side, Friday I watched tiny tots playing T-ball baseball game Friday evening. They are so cute to watch as they run the bases in their blue and green shirts. The next teams to play were the yellow and red teams. There were so many handsome and lovely young mothers and fathers there, plus lots of grandparents and relatives who came to watch them.

July 4, this Saturday, will be the third annual Children’s Patriot Parade beginning at 10:15 a.m. at the park on Maine Street to 12th Street (by the Kiowa Drug HealthMart and Crow’s Stop and Shop) to Goff Street and back to the park for lunch and fun on the playground and at game booths. Last year, the sound of the music and happy chatter of children was just great as they played. Sam Mitchek brought his granddaughter down from Cheyenne Wells so she could have good 4th of July fun. Parents from other towns can register their children to participate to walk or ride a decorated bike or little scooter type vehicle. Questions can be asked of the WE (Women Empowered) club leaders, Jessica Hyman or Mehgan Buck. The Kiowa County Fire Protection District leaders are also helping put this event on. They are especially honoring the First Responders, Police, Fire Fighters, EMS, HealthCare Workers, and Veterans.

Congratulations to Britannie Newman, who graduated from Fort Hays State University with a BS degree in sports medicine and therapies. She did an internship in the Weisbrod Therapy Department last year.

The pastures and fields around here look drier that we ever seen it since the 1950’s and ‘60’s. The conditions for the farmers and the cattlemen and women are just so heart wrenching out here on the plains. It is common to see vehicles racing to the Fire Station and to hear sirens as men go out to fight fires. We do thank the people who have gone out to fight those fires. Sheriff Casey Sheridan stated that some farmers who used their equipment really helped to finally block the recent fires north east of town.

Ann (Kleiboeker) Crowell’s committal service was held last week at the Kit Carson Cemetery. It was followed by a luncheon at the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Jeff Campbell’s editorials for 10 or more weeks about the gunshot death of our former student and friend, Zach Gifford, have been welcomed and appreciated by many friends and his parents, Larry and Carla Gifford. This is an emotional issue for me, since he was my former next-door neighbor.

On my way to Dr. Sean Oquist’s Chiropractic office in the Annex Building, I stopped to visit Tonya Lane and Linda Hopkins, who were in the patio watering and weeding the potted plants. While pruning the roses, I heard Tonya yelp as she fell on the grass while pulling a huge thorny dandelion plant. The staff ladies have painted many colorful rocks that are nestled among the flowering plants and strawberries. It is worth your time to go inside the gates to see these lovely rocks. Someday families by twos may be able to start visiting their relatives on the patio. Now that is good news!

4-H members are working on their projects for the August 4-H Fair. The youth are learning to cook, decorate cakes and clothes, build with wood, feed and train animals, and other interesting projects.

We are glad that some teenage boys have been able to join with others to play baseball in other towns and states. Meanwhile, other teenagers are working in wheat harvest fields or have jobs at the Home Town Grill, JJ’s, the Scoop, HealthMart, Crow’s Stop ‘n Shop, Haswell Propane and Antiques, God Father’s Pizza, Subway, babysitting, lawn mowing and other part-time jobs.

The old Kit Carson School is nearly totally demolished. It takes more time since they have to bag the rubble because of asbestos. Their new school looks wonderful from the outside.

When my friend, Angela Brown, asked me if I wanted a large angel welded by Gordon Mast, I was glad to have it to place by my gate. We were in first grade together.

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