Pages  from the Past

Pages from the Past
Published Sunday, June 26, 2016

15 Years Ago


June 29, 2001


Members of the Eads FFA Chapter proudly display their Most Improved Chapter in the State of Colorado Award Plaque that is based o Community involvement, recruitment, and member & chapter involvement.


25 Years Ago


June 27, 1991


Another rain-up to an inch or more reported in Kiowa County Saturday evening. But a hot drying wind Tuesday was rapidly curing the wheat that is just starting to be cut.


40 Years Ago


June 18, 1976


The Haswell postal facility will be operated on a contract basis and four bids have been received by the Postal Service from Haswell citizen who want to operate the community post office.


100 Years Ago


June 23, 1916


Lightning struck J.O. Walker's livery barn during the storm Sunday & knocked down one of his mules. The shock was light & and the mule was ready to eat hay after lying down for about 10 minutes