Pages  from the Past

Pages from the Past
Published Saturday, July 9, 2016

Pages  from the Past


 15 Years Ago


July 15, 2001


USDA UPDATE: Some of the best yields in the county are being reported north of Haswell. This area received enough moisture last fall to insure the survival of wheat through the winter.


25 Years Ago


July 11, 1991


More than 100 people honored Eads benefactor George Crow at last week 4th July cookout. Presenter Philomene Liesen cited Crow's many contributions to the community.


40 Years Ago

July 2, 1976


A Colorado Springs man was arrested five miles south of Haswell last week while in the process of dismantling and hauling off a telecommunication tower. The suspect, possible involved in other thefts in rural areas of the country, was handed over to the FBI.


100 Years Ago


July 7, 1916


The 4th of July was appropriately celebrated in Towner Something doing from the time of the big parade with floats advertising business of the town, until the well attended Woodman dance held at the school.

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