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Pages from the Past - From Our 130-Year Archives

Kiowa County Press historic front page.

15 Years Ago

February 22, 2002


  • For the second year in a row, Eads walks away with the championship title and $200 for their FFA chapter.


  • USDA Update-Rod Johnson: As you read this, I should be on a “Goldfields Trek” in New Zealand
  • . The Trek is a four-day hike through the pristine mountains and farm country to commemorate the gold rush in New Zealand.


  • Wild Horse Roundup-Curtis Schrimp: We saw the results of the high wind. Where some fields, the stubble had broken off and the dirt had blown into the fence about to the third wire.


25 Years Ago

February 20, 1992


  • Closure of the Haswell School will be among several cost-cutting moves the Kiowa RE-1 board will consider at the monthly school board meeting.


  • Newsham Hybrids (USA) completed its 1,200-sow breading farm northeast of Eads


  • Eads Downtown has that ‘Empty Felling’. When the Press Editor drove around town August 1987, my oldest daughter, who had been most reticent about the move from Utah, was a little more at ease. There was more to the town than expected.      Since then what a change. The first week in town only one business building was empty. One by one the merchants have quietly closed up and moved on…to retirement, other horizons or even the grave.


  • Deidre Davis brought home the silver at the state finals Elks “Hoop Shoot” Free Throw Contest. Both girls in the finals, shot 16 of their original sets. Both hit 5 in the first tie breaker. The next round Deidre shot all 4 but the 5th hit the rim and bounced off given Kate Lills, sponsored by the Loveland Lodge the gold.


40 Years Ago

February 25, 1977


  • Kiowa County has leased the Clinic to Southeast Colorado Health Care Assn. and has agreed to stop independent recruiting of physicians


  • The Plainview Music Booster had a talent show to raise money for the Plainview School music department.


  • Wanted: Kids need place to raise few chickens and build a club house. Father needs place to garden. Will buy, lease or rent place in country within reasonable distance of Eads.


  • Just for fun the Press is beginning a new weekly feature which we’ll call “Let’s try barter.”


50 Years Ago

February 24, 1967

  • A 1887 picture of “ The Kingdon”  a hotel gracing the town of Chivington

was brought into the Press by H.H. King. The Kingdon was moved from Chivington, part of which was torn down and the remainder moved to Sugar City.


  • The Eads Chamber of Commerce is planning to update their brochure promoting the area and new ideas are needed.


  • Cream Shippers Wanted: Shipper price 65 cents lb. Leave you cream at Crow’s Stop & Shop No.1. Will be picked up Wed. & Sat. by Fowler Creamery Co


75 Years Ago

February 20, 1942


  • Ground already covered with a heavy blanket of snow the weather man demonstrated his disagreeable character in an impressive way by sending more snow, wind and a cold wave sending the mercury to 19 degrees below zero.


  • Due to tire shortage and difficulty of transportation it has been decided not to hold the annual basketball tournament. Many teams are without transportation. There will be a county tournament later.

100 Years Ago

February 16, 1917


  • Saturday is the date set for the musical entertainment to be given by the Eads School. The project is to raise money to pay for a school Victrola.


February 23, 1917

·    The Missouri Pacific local freight jumped the track on the Chivington hill, leaving only the engine and a few cars on the track. The track was torn up considerable distance and delayed traffic a day or two.


  • The cheese factory at Sheridan Lake opens for the season. Judging by the number of Holstein cows shipped in recently they will certainly have a good season.