Kiowa County School District RE-1 COVID-19 update – March 31, 2020

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Published Wednesday, April 1, 2020
by Glenn Smith, Superintendent


Thank you to the cafeteria staff, volunteer staff, and bus drivers that made this happen. We dispersed 200 meal packages. Each package contained three days of meals, so that totaled 600 meals handed out. The meal delivery was very efficient, and can be reduced to two hours.

  • We will change the meal serving times to 9:00-11:00 a.m. Thursday, April 2. Everything else will remain the same except for the length of service.
  • There will be items in the meal packages that may be frozen or will require to be warmed up in some cases. This will allow us to have more variety and meal choices. Please educate your child that they will need to put perishable food items in the refrigerator, if you are not at home and able to oversee it.


  • We now have things in order to loan out Chromebooks for those students that requested them.
  • There will be a contract called the Computer/Internet Device Custody and Use Agreement that we ask middle and high school students and parents to sign. If only the parent is available, we will accept that.
  • Only parents are required to sign the elementary contracts to loan out the Chromebooks.
  • This Computer/Internet Device Custody and Use Agreement is posted on the Eads Eagles webpage
  • Formal instruction will be beginning on April 6. Teachers will NOT be using Zoom app, but instead Google Meet, which is a more secure app. Please Delete the Zoom app
  • If you or your student have not received emails from school please contact your teachers, Mr. Bohlander, or Mr. Smith. Emails have been sent out daily.
  • K-5th grade teachers will be utilizing electronic instruction, Google Meet, and sending out packets for the students to complete. They will use a program called dojo to post their assignments and communicate with parents.
  • Middle School Teachers will utilize Google classroom and school emails to communicate with their students.
  • High School Teachers will use Google classroom and school emails to communicate with their students.
  • Please contact your child's teacher if you have not been contacted already or have any questions.
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