Kiowa County

Kiowa County Commissioners meeting agenda - April 28, 2022 

PROMO Government - Kiowa County, Colorado, Courthouse Eads - Chris Sorensen


  • 9:00am  Open meeting-vouchers-
  • 9:30am  Cindy McLoud - KCEDF Update
  • 10:00am BOARD OF HEALTH
  • 10:30am 
  • 11:00am Public Health Assistant Position
  • 11:30am EXECUTIVE SESSION : SHERIFF- Personnel
  • LUNCH    JJ's Restaurant
  • 1:00pm  Jon Wagner - CTSI Loss Analysis 
  • 1:30pm  
  • 2:00pm  Lisa Thomas - CMP IGA
  • 2:30pm  
  • 3:00pm  Judge Brinkley - Court Security

Kiowa County Hospital District meeting minutes – February 22, 2022

PROMO Government - Medical Weisbrod Memorial Hospital Eads Colorado - Chris Sorensen



February 22, 2022

The Kiowa County Hospital District Board met in regular session on February 22, 2022, at 6:37 p.m. at Cobblestone Inn Meeting Room.

District Board members present were: Mary Eikner, Claire Prince, and Ken Flory. Absent Kevin Davis and Craig Kerfoot.

Others present: Shannon Dixon, Gloria Trosper, Matt Prince, Ellen Lane, Junior McDowell, Jeanette Filpi (zoom), Rachel Bletzacker, Allan Lane, and Beth Spady.

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