A look back at some of the top articles at KiowaCountyPress.net for 2019

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Published Saturday, December 28, 2019
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by Chris Sorensen

With nearly one million visits and 3.9 million pages read, 2019 has been the most successful year yet for KiowaCountyPress.net. 

As we close the books on another year, let's take a look at some of the most popular of the 2,500+ articles posted at KiowaCountyPress.net in 2019.

  1. Multiple tornadoes spotted as severe thunderstorm watch expanded to most of northeast Colorado - Severe weather was a frequent occurrence over the summer, including this June storm system that brought a number of tornadoes to the eastern plains. We updated coverage throughout the afternoon as thousands of people checked in for the latest information.
  2. Severe thunderstorm watch issued Sunday afternoon for 25 Colorado counties, tornadoes possible - Three months later, more severe weather raised concerns across the eastern plains.
  3. Paragliding in Colorado: Why You Should Try It & Where to Go - Colorado and recreation are nearly synonymous. Our paragliding article continues to generate interest nearly a year after it was first published.
  4. Congress is considering privacy legislation - be afraid - Jeff Sovern argues that the U.S. Congress should avoid privacy legislation for now, and continue to let states experiment to find the right balance.
  5. Wanted man arrested after Kiowa County high-speed chase, faces numerous charges - The Kiowa County Sheriff's Office has made a number of high-profile arrests this year, including this one, where the suspect was already facing a laundry list of charges in El Paso County before the chase. Note to criminals: Kiowa County deputies will go to great lengths to catch you.
  6. Major improvements for Colorado's drought picture as strong snowpack continues - Much of Colorado suffered under drought conditions that started in 2017. By March of this year, things were starting to look much better.
  7. Large hail, damaging winds, tornado potential: eastern Colorado under a severe thunderstorm watch Sunday - Severe summer weather drew a lot of interest, including this article from less than a week before the number one entry on our list.
  8. Finalists selected for Colorado Leopold Conservation award - Two of the three finalists were from eastern Colorado. Each has found success in sustainable agriculture and maintaining wildlife habitat - as most independent farms and ranches do.
  9. Significant improvements for Colorado drought, snowpack continues to increase - the first hints that drought improvement could be on the way came in February after the state began receiving winter moisture in earnest.
  10. Regenerative agriculture can make farmers stewards of the land again - Farmers have been considered stewards of the land, however large corporate farming has taken a toll. Regenerative agriculture is one option for small producers to remain competitive and enhance production.
  11. Mapping the Moon for Apollo - Only one person responded when famed astronomer Gerard Kuiper asked in 1955 for collaborators to help map the moon. In 1960, such mapping would become a national priority.
  12. Senator Bennet's office listening tour coming to Eads, Cheyenne Wells - Rural communities can often feel left out of the national political process, so its big news when a senator announces plans to come to the area.
  13. Pueblo ranks the most dangerous of Colorado cities - An analysis of violent crime rates for cities with populations of at least 20,000 handed Pueblo this dubious distinction. Still, Pueblo is far safer than many other cities on the national list.
  14. Kiowa County vouchers - February 2019 - Thousands of people - far more than the entire population of Kiowa County, found February's list of voucher payments fascinating.
  15. Flood risk returns to parts of Colorado Sunday - Wildland fires frequently dominate Colorado's summer news, so flooding stands out.
  16. Tornado watch for 3 Colorado counties, thunderstorm watch for 11 more Sunday - More concerns over severe weather in eastern Colorado.
  17. More big improvements for Colorado drought as snowpack continues to increase - Just a week after our number six entry on this list, drought conditions showed additional improvement.
  18. Many People are Too Broke for Bankruptcy - A New Report Suggests Some Fixes - It really is possible to be too poor to file for bankruptcy - attorney fees often have to be paid up front.
  19. Kiowa County deputies arrest man on outstanding warrants - Another arrest by the Kiowa County Sheriff's Office. This time, the suspect was considered armed and dangerous.
  20. Disaster loans available to businesses in 31 Colorado counties - Drought conditions over the course of the previous year triggered assistance from the Small Business Administration, as well as the United States Department of Agriculture.
  21. Kiowa County Sheriff's Office Arrest and Summons Report - January 2019 - Speeding 93-119 miles per hour in Kiowa County is very likely to attract attention - and a ticket.
  22. Tri-State Generation partnering to build southeast Colorado 100-megawatt power plant - When completed in 2023, this 660-acre solar power plant in Las Animas County will more than double Tri-State's solar generation capability.
  23. Governor Polis announces dozens of new appointments to Boards and Commissions - The Polis administration continues to regularly announce appointments to boards and commissioners serving a wide variety of Colorado interests.
  24. Kiowa County Sheriff's Office arrest and summons report - December 2018 - Speeding in Kiowa County continues to be a really bad idea.
  25. Colorado and Kansas agree to permanent pool at John Martin Reservoir - A 40-year disagreement between Colorado and Kansas was resolved, establishing a permanent fish and wildlife conservation pool at John Martin Reservoir in Bent County.

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